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Selling Extra 300SC

Hi Everyone,

I’m offering my Extra 330SC for sale. Serial number SC032. I bought it new in 2013.
I’ve flown it mostly at intermediate-level national competitions. Occasionally shared with one other pilot for training at the advanced level.
No club, no airshows, no gyroscopic figures, the smoke system was never used – clean floor.
Plane shows like new. It has 119,8 hours of flight time.
It is privately owned and VAT was paid at purchase.
Asking 395,000 EUR.
Call +48616250958

Equipment list:

  • Metric instruments: altimeter and airspeed indicator
  • Variometer, metric +/- 15 m/sec
  • G-meter with acc. and opt. warnings TL-3424
  • Flight timer, airspeed activated
  • Engine Monitor JPI EDM-800
  • ELT Artex ME-406
  • Charger system, Battery Trickle Charger 220V
  • Custom paint scheme
  • Canopy Cover

Last Edited by loco at 21 Oct 08:33
LPFR, Poland

Who did the paint scheme?

Happy only when flying
Sabaudia airstrip LISB, Italy
LPFR, Poland

loco wrote:

Thought so, I recognized Mirco’s touch

Happy only when flying
Sabaudia airstrip LISB, Italy

The plane was sold locally.

Last Edited by loco at 27 Oct 09:28
LPFR, Poland
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