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Used Cirrus price development

There seems to be a lot of people with a lot of money these days. At least they must have to be able to hand over €1m for a toy.
It is also showing in the car world. I understand that the sales of top end cars like Bentleys are going through the roof. I heard from someone who works at Bentley that some of the staff have had very good bonuses this year.
I must remember to get a lottery ticket this week.


Ibra wrote:

Of course but those Pipers are not expensive, they are not top tech

All I can say is these people who prefer SR22s presumably don’t have wives.

We had a Cirrus (back when the price was more reasonable), but have now been flying the PA46 (Mirage and now Jetprop) for over 10 years.

So let me tell you all the reasons a wife prefers the PA46:
1) she can sit with me for takeoff and landing and then in the cruise she can sit very comfortably back in the cabin, feet up on the rear facing seat, reading a book and having a nap under a blanket with the shades down
2) she doesnt have to wear a bloody O2 cannula up her nose
3) she can enter and exit the airplane via the little stairway looking all elegant
4) she gets way more cred at the airport
5) there is NOTHING like the smell of jet fuel burning in the morning.

Upper Harford private strip UK, near EGBJ, United Kingdom

I get the feeling most people buying these just don’t care about the cost, because it’s an insignificant sum for them—which is the reason they can sell them for such crazy prices.

Yep, fully agree. And reading some of the comments also makes me sometimes wonder what I’m doing in this very forum… I’m obviously not playing in the same (financial) league… by far.

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LSZF, Switzerland

The SR22 community is quite distinct from the rest of GA.

It has created interesting mod challenges in years past

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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