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BU131 Bucker Jungmann

Hello all,
I’m considering a Bu 131 and would like to learn more about this plane, ideally the modern versions with a LOM or Lyc engine. Ideally, I’d also like to fly one to get a better feel for the plane. Anyone not too far from my location that can help me with this? Please PM me…

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is ...
EBGB KGAI, Belgium

Must be an unusual type

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, but interesting:):

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is ...
EBGB KGAI, Belgium

The stradivarius of aeroplanes, although our American brethren might suggest the same for the Pitts S-1S.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

The Spanish Air Force used to fly those for basic training until well into the 70’s. Most of the old Spanish pilots have flown them. Some ended up in local aeroclubs. A friend of mine owns and flies one in Spain, PM me if you want to get in touch.

LESB, Spain

I was part of a large syndicate which had one in the mid 2000s.

Its a fun plane to fly, but you definitely should fly one before making a decision. There are a couple of key things to consider:

1) once in the cockpit, with the two side panels closed up it is very tight and quite claustrophobic
2) forward vision in taxi or landing is even worse than for most tail draggers
3) landing a Jungmann is almost an act of faith
4) with the original engine (the one we had) it is not terrifically well powered. Most aerobatics require a shallow dive to start to achieve required air speed.

Upper Harford private strip UK, near EGBJ, United Kingdom

Thanks Buckerfan! Size is a concern, I’m 1m92 and ‘broad-shouldered’. I fit in a Pitts and Extra but unsure about the Bucker. Do you know if a Bucker has worse visibility on landing than a Pitts/Extra? I used to fly a mid-wing EA300 and that took some time to get used to but was fine after a while. Love the ‘act of faith’ comment, hadn’t heard it expressed like that before.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is ...
EBGB KGAI, Belgium

Anna Walker in England would be a great person to go flying with. I think she operates as Sky Tricks.

In Sleap they operate some, I think you can fly with them, look up Fly the Dream.

The Jungmann is a fabulous aeroplane, the 150hp version is very capable. It comes in to land fast but bleeds off speed once it’s done. I’ve known people to solo them with 100hrs P1 time total and 5hrs on type.

Buying, Selling, Flying
EISG, Ireland

@RobertL18C we have about 15 Jungmanns (you judge whether that is the correct plural for use here!) at my US base, and two or three Jungmeisters…. and their owners like them quite a bit, even when compared with an S1-S Lots of Bücker formation flying to be seen, very tight circling approaches and so on. It is obviously much more of a trainer in its relatively benign flying characteristics. The very high and blind 3-point landing attitude is notable and when landing it is evident that the pilot is feeling for the ground. However it looks like slow motion when compared with a Pitts or Extra. Most here are former Spanish planes, a few Czech and one or two built up from parts.

I didn’t comment previously in response to the thread because I’ve never flown one, or even in one, and am
nowhere near Belgium but FWIW all here have Lycomings, typically a 180 HP O-360. The guy who developed the conversion used locally started with what the Swiss did with the Lerche and tried to improve on it functionally and esthetically with his engine mount and cowling. He has since passed away at advanced age but was a really kind and wonderful man who in essence created the local Bücker activity. Listening to him tell the story of how his umpteenth Tigre engine failure prompted him to ‘do something’ was entertaining. His son is now retired and equally involved, flying both a Jungmann or two, and also the perfectly restored Jungmeister that his dad bought in CH in 1970. The Siemens/BMW radial on those is very antique engine with exposed valve gear etc. but it is reliable enough for flying over highly populated areas as we must.

When I was riding my motorcycle south from Berlin a few years ago, I made the riding group follow me to ‘some small village’ named Rangsdorf so that I could peer through the fence at the still standing but derelict buildings where the original Bückers were made

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@Silvaire, where are those Jungmanns located? I travel to the US often and my home base there is KGAI.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is ...
EBGB KGAI, Belgium
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