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The SR22 picks up 9 knots through minor aerodynamic refinements in 2022

Ibra wrote:

I think there is room to grab 9kts from smoothing those TKS kinks

Probably depends on the wing really, before I LOSE 9kts in the Comanche I will have picked up quite a lot of ice on the wing…

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Vref wrote:

I like the remote control though for the Cirrus door, for sure a good sales argument ;-)

Mrs watched the video and found that feature to be brilliant (I have to avoid sitting on it in the air at 180kts), hope they sell that “remote control STC”

LFHNflightstudent wrote:

Probably depends on the wing really

Of course, I recall in C182 the wing flies with load of drag, it already feels like she carry load of ice in CAVOK, I expect performance won’t change that much with 100kg of ice/mud or after TKS install, while in a FIKI SR22 the wings are very optimized, they should have some TKS penalty or sealing gap reward?

Last Edited by Ibra at 13 Jan 14:20
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

TKS profile optimisation
You can see that clearly on factory installations e.g on a DA62 I noticed the TKS panel looks like embedded in the leading edge. Having boots on a cirrus would be a bad idea ;-). Not hijacking this thread but this seems a bit more intelligent marketing video.

Last Edited by Vref at 13 Jan 14:54

I’ve seen SR22s close up and it is obvious that the TKS ones have different wings. They have a leading edge recess into which the TKS panels drop in. The result is not badly done. Not as clean as it could be but better than the usual bodge retrofit job.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

boscomantico wrote:

It is certainly a marketing stunt, just like anything else coming from Cirrus.

you know it’s actually funny they did not go back to mph for marketing use. Thankfully that has finally stopped in the US…

LSZH, Switzerland

Interestingly, Cirrus won‘t even adapt the cruise figures shown in the POH. Means that these 9 knots will never really be documented anywhere, except in the shiny marketing brochures.

So either the POH numbers of the past were unobtainable or the future POH numbers will be noticeably too low. Or something in the middle.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Is the EVS camera still available? It costs a couple knots!

LOXX, Austria

Silvaire wrote:

There is less than zero chance that 100LL is going “without too much prior notice” in the US.

It’s funny, the very day after you wrote this, in AvWeb Avflash:

“EPA Announces Leaded Fuel Endangerment Finding

In a long-anticipated move, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today (Jan. 12) that it “will take the necessary steps to regulate lead pollution from aircrafts (sic).” Those steps start with proposing an “endangerment finding” on leaded aviation gasoline"

For what it’s worth, I really wish I didn’t have to use 100LL, but it’s the only thing available here. (The nearest 91UL that I know of is at Jacko’s strip in southern Scotland). Picking lead globules out of spark plugs each time I do engine maintenance isn’t my favorite job, not to mention the poisonous nature of TEL.

Last Edited by alioth at 15 Jan 09:08
Andreas IOM

EPA has been campaigning against 100LL for as long as I can remember, but it won’t result in any sudden reduction of US Avgas supply. FAA and EPA have fighting each other for just as long. The best thing to keep bureaucrats busy is interagency politics, minimizing their effect on the world. And if EPA gets too out of control, the new Congress in 2023 will shut them down for a while, encouraged by AOPA etc.

It would be nice not to clean lead balls from plugs, but I hope the eventual replacement smells as good as 100LL when burned. That’s the limit of my interest

The Cirrus video that started this thread is more interesting to me not because of what it shows (the remote control baggage door posed as a technical advancement is just brainless) but in how it’s the first time I remember seeing facile e.g. ‘land-o-matic’ style retail consumer marketing used to promote GA aircraft sales in my lifetime. I should practice up on my Spanish, walk over to the local sweat shop that makes Cirrus fairings, and ask them if they really did make a new tool to trim the wheel cutouts tighter.

One attraction of 21st century GA for me is that there isn’t a lot of retail sales nonsense, so their advertising approach makes me less interested in Cirrus, not more interested. However it’s interesting to see that such silliness exists, and that there are apparently pilots who are sucked in by it. I go in exactly the opposite direction when I can.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 15 Jan 17:34

Silvaire wrote:

in how it’s the first time I remember seeing facile e.g. ‘land-o-matic’ style retail consumer marketing used to promote GA aircraft sales in my lifetime.

Icon aircraft follows the same approach for quite some years – and at least from far away it looks like their advertising is far more successful than their planes.

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