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Veloce Aircraft


just stumbled over this today:
Veloce Planes: Veloce 600

Seems like an experimental kit builder from Brazil. While the “600” version seems more of a project, it seems that quite a few of their 4-seaters are flying around. Do anybody knows mpore about them?

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Thanks for the info lukepower. Never heard of them, though know about previous aircraft designs, as described in their company history. In the same chapter I chuckled at the following text:

And hence, the Veloce 600 is born and being birthed.
Dr. Jamie’s business is – manufacturing and selling medical equipment to doctors in private practice for 11 years. He has two FDA clearances, which are not easy or cheap to get. And one warning letter, which is easy to get (but something you don’t want)
Dr. Jamie doesn’t like red tape and paperwork is why he got those warning letters, and so is looking to move away from FDA regulations, to the homebuilt FAA regulations market, which is much easier.

The products look interesting enough, though I have reservations about their optimistic performance claims. Nothing new here. I also seriously doubt a completion price of $220K for a twin pusher type 600 aircraft possible, even if the airframe would be offered for free. Which it ain’t being quoted at $100K for the first 5 kits. Fully build will set you back some $660K…
Nice looking project, difficult concept, good luck to them!

- Journey = Destination -
LSZF, Switzerland

Is it a “cheap” Velocity twin ?


More “impossible” performance numbers.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

More “impossible” performance numbers.

They just require a new engine (with “miracle” data) from a completely unknown manufacturer. When do people realize that it is always fake when a new aircraft design is promised to have great data with a completely new engine?

As far as I can remember, there has only been one example of a new aircraft design that actually came toi the market with engines which were also new (DA-42) – and that cost lots of people a lot of money!

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