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USA seller’s market: are we reaching Peak Cherokee

“For example if I’d want to have an independent mechanic (knowing tb-20) to do a prebuy, where to find?”
You’ll need someone to do your maintenance – preferably familiar with the type. Once you’ve found them, get them to do your prebuy inspection. You’ll be a long-term customer, and they’ll likely want to earn your trust. (And €$£.) to

EGPE, United Kingdom

OK. I am calling the top of the market. It’s bonkers, no real supply and the few aircraft for sale are being shaken out by brokers at huge prices.

Oh and whilst I’m at it, the stock market and property market will go down the pan too!

United Kingdom

You may be right. I have just seen a tiny little terrace house which I am very familiar with, valued at 400k. But I have seen two “corrections” in property, both in the 1980s/90s, involving dives of ~70% and ~30%, but those were triggered by two concurrent factors: fear of unemployment and high interest rates. This time we have neither; well certainly not the first one, with anybody who can spell their 1st name and put their shoes on, being able to get a job Interesting debate how much of the psychology is interlinked between these topics. I reckon quite a lot.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

In the 80s and 90s we had a very different economic system in the UK. Banks took deposits, used them to make loans, and paid some of the interest they charged back to the depositors. Local banks had managers whose career depended on them making the correct decisions, using local knowledge.
People had assets.
For many years now banks try to persuade savers to put their money in investment companies. Equity release is promoted. The money released is either spent on items which lose their value, or circulated into the investment trusts.
This time a slight increase in interest rates will produce a meltdown. The Chinese Government is taking action, according to their news. Action on the economy, continuing to use fossil fuels.
Our Government policies on energy will acerbate the problems. The Scottish Government is particularly bad for this.

EGPE, United Kingdom

May need a .pdf link
[ done – use this site as mentioned here ]

Cessna 140, quite a practical tail wheel, but with somewhat vague ailerons and lacking the charisma of a Luscombe.

€70k is quite ambitious certainly the highest price I have ever seen for the type.

Oxford (EGTK)
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