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We bought an early Siai Marchetti SF260

You forget how beautiful the type is

Oxford (EGTK)

@RobertL18C some interesting types in that hangar!

United Kingdom

Quick update. I’m a bit overloaded with other things these days, but will try to post when we hit big milestones. Power is on now! :-)

Norway, where a gallon of avgas is ch...


Airline/Mentor/Safety/Instructor - Pilot
Based Austria | Operating Worldwide



impressive array of back-up to the back-up of the one already backing-up, sure looks expensive enough. It will surely be the SF260 with the most possible glassed area panel. Despite all this, said panel will be way lighter than the original steam driven clockwork. Lighter, and who cares about the cost anyway, is always better…

Nicely and professionally made. Please don’t forget to look outside, at least when flying VFR

Life's short... enjoy!
LSZF, Switzerland
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