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Aircraft purchase listing

I am considering purchasing an aircraft but am struggling to find a place to start. Please could someone direct me to a reputable broker or listing of aircraft available for sale in the UK?

Thanks in advance.

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What sort of aircraft?

EGTK Oxford

Light SEP aircraft. My flying experience has primarily been on PA28s and C172s but I am open to considering other manufacturers and models.

I am also considering equity shares in aircraft, so if there is a portal with available listings, that would be very helpful too.

And what is your flying profile; what budget?

EGGD Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a PPL holder based in London, looking to fly mostly within the country for recreational trips on weekends, occasionally within Europe. About 100hrs on my logbook, with a night, aerobatic and IR(R) rating. I don’t have a firm budget at the moment – I’d just like to see what’s out there before I start zooming in on any specific options.

The market is fragmented as regards where people advertise. There are multiple websites, and a lot of people use dealers who then advertise in various magazines and on various websites.

I am sure others will give a rundown but this magazine is found just about everywhere one goes and has loads of adverts

Some related threads e.g. here

Finding a plane is just a start. You need to check it out, etc e.g. here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom has UK aircraft and shares for sale listings. Might be a good place for you to start looking.

If you are really looking for a share rather than purchasing an aircraft, there are relatively few places to look – start at the airfield you fly from and then look at others nearby. Most people aren’t going to drive for two hours each way to go for a flight, so that really limits your options to airfields local to you. Ask around. Ask at the aeroclub desk, check the noticeboard (put an advert up if none are offering shares already), or ask in the tower (or wherever visiting pilots should report to on arrival) – they often have an idea of what is or might be for sale.

I suspect that many shares are not advertised formally. Make it known that you are in the market.

EGTT, The London FIR
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