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Bilbao LEBB

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Good Afternoon,

Hoping to fly into Bilbao next weekend via GA. I know it can be a bit expensive, but this will be last “Planned” IFR big trip of 2022.

I just rang Iberia and they’ve said to me that they do no offer the service of handling to small aircraft, nor the basic terminal/ramp minivan service. I stated that Ibiza and Girona offer this. She just repeatedly said “Sorry, Sorry” and I ended the call.

So a couple of questions;

1) Can anyone give any insight to flying here? Gotchas etc?
2) Can anyone ring Iberia a bit later or tomorrow and ask a similar question?

I presumed they should offer a service, as per the law?

5G affecting weather forecasting accuracy

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This is an interesting video on this topic. It also contains info on how wx forecasting has dramatically improved in recent years.


I posted here a few weeks ago about my quest to get a medical. Sadly I’ve not had much luck as life has been busy, but regardless…
I did have a question: I was looking at getting a CAA Part-FCL …

My understanding from US shops is that years ago cylinders were expensive and welding was commonly done, but prices came down via competition so much less welding is done.

I don’t believe 2024 etc …

To push electricity into the grid you need to synthesise a corresponding sine waveform but with a small phase shift, or in phase but with a slightly higher voltage. The electronics which do this sy…
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The more quizzes we have, the harder it is to come up with new questions. The photos aren’t too hard, but they obviously favour those who travel more, so it’s good to have some general knowledge qu…
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In what way are they more undemocratic than say the administration in the USA? Half of Brussels is elected by the people of Europe. The civil service half (much less than half in numbers) is appoi…

A couple from me – from a trip to Croatia and Sicily
Sure one can do it but on our Zoom quiz you won’t have a whole team trying to help, and there isn’t time
Revenue generation for dealers. For example removing autopilot servos annually. I’ve seen it. The mechanics just rolled their eyes… waste of their time. The basic (smallest) service invoice was 5-1…